Meagan Arroyo

Meagan Arroyo is a Central Florida real estate agent. Meagan is dedicated and excited to provide the most knowledgeable real estate services. She comes from a family of 12, including two sets of twins, herself and her twin included. Family is everything and has been the number one contributing factor to her people skills and honest work ethic. Meagan adapts easily and prioritizes building genuine relationships first and foremost. Before real estate she graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor's in Accounting. After working in the construction accounting / HR industry for nearly 3 years she decided to pursue real estate because it has always been a passion. Her interest in the field began from a young age. Her parents moved to Florida from New York when she was 4 years old and worked their way up from having no money at all to owning 7 properties at once. From young she was a part of the process, alongside her siblings, of flipping homes, managing rentals, and watching how the market affected her parents financially for good and bad. One fun thing about her attaining her real estate license is that her mom always wanted her license also so she decided to bring her mom along for the journey. They both studied and passed together. Meagan enjoys working with buyers and sellers and cherishes the honor to be trusted to help fulfill a goal as important as home-buying. For fun, she loves family time and anything baseball or softball related. One of her most exciting accomplishments recently has been creating and coaching a co-ed softball team to represent Figueroa Team with 4 of her family members on the roster as well!  

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